Aisha Huang (Huang En) Needs More Than Just Punishing – Comrade Dombo.

Aisha Huang

The Director of the Dombo Research Team who doubles as NPP national Communications Team member, Alberto Dombo Nangfaa, has said punishing Aisha Huang alone will not help eradicate the problem of illegal mining in Ghana.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, he explained that Aisha Huang does not operate on her own and everyone involved in her business in the country must be exposed as well to serve as detests to others.

He reiterated that Aisha Huang’s sneak into the country needs thorough investigation and bring into book those who assist her with residency.

The communicator added that the president’s support to Attorney General’s examine on Aisha Huang’s prosecution opens up some interesting opportunities for the country to live with vigilant.

He stated that the basis for Aisha Huang to be exfiltrated from Ghana of her crime to laws of the country and sneaks into it again threatens the existence of security in the country.

Mr. Dombo explained that the fight against illegal mining in the long term have seen many challenges trickle down to other parts of people’s livelihood.

Mr. Dombo’s comment comes after Nana Addo’s support to Attorney General to prosecute the notorious ‘galamsey’ poster girl, Aisha Huang for her past and recent crimes.

He added that over politicization of issues in the country includes the difficulties to commute bad practices in the country, therefore urging everyone to be sober to help fight illegalities in the country.

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