Woman believe to be in her fifty’s has been found found sleeping inside a twelve feet public toilet at Enyan Asempenyin in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam District of the Central Region.

The woman (Yaa Prah) according to information gathered revealed that she has been missing from the house for the past three days and she was suspected to have gone to market for her usual business.


Reports indicate that, a young man went to the public toilet in the community on Monday August 29,2022 in the evening around 8:00 PM and heard a voice of women screaming for help, upon realizing the situation went to the community and informed the community members which they called Breman Essiam Fire Station, they went to the scene and rescue the women.


Speaking in an interview with some of the Community Members, they said this has posed fear and panic to them since they have never heard such news in the community before. They said they are wondering how the women got in the toilet with almost full of feaces. With the women was with her bag and money when was according to her was traveling with.

Meanwhile a Unit Committee Member of the Enyan Asempenyin Community Araba Anafoa also said, they bath the woman after she was removed from the toilet. She said they poured libations to break any calamity that the incidents may be to them in the community.

According to her, they all thought the woman had traveled not knowing she has drown in the public toilet.


The Fire Commander for Ajumako Enyan Essiam District DO3 Augustine Cudjoe also lament on how the women got into the pit latrine since the space is smaller for her to drowned. According to him, he had a distress call from the Ajumako Enyan Essiam District Police Commander and only for him to be informed that some one has drown in a public toilet. They went to the scene scene and break the toilet space and rescued her.

He is currently receiving treatment at the Ajumako Government Hospital.

Meanwhile, investigation is ongoing at the Ajumako District Police Command.


Story by kweku Darko

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