Kwame Ato Is A Notorious Criminal, He has been Terrorizing us for years, we want him to be arrested..residents of Gwira Kwakukrom lamented .

Update on Kwame Ato Asare declared wanted by police…

The police on 2 April issue a statement for arresting four people for attacking police in Western Region and declared the main suspect Kwame Ato Asare Ani as wanted and a serious arm robber.

In a viral video on social media saw Kwame Ato Asare Ani debunking the letter issued by the police as untrue but rather works for the police and he has been given the police money after every operation .

He also claim the four pump action guns which was found in his room doesn’t belong to him only one which was licensed by the Axim police Commander Safo belongs to him.

The suspect claims he’s not a criminal he makes his own money through hard work.

With this, Mireku Nyampong visited the town Kwakukrom in the Western Region today and spoke with some residents and sort for their views on police declaring Kwame Ani wanted.

According to them Kwame Ato Asare Ani is a notorious arm robber and has a gang that he works with. They lamented that, over two years now Kwame and his team has been Terrorizing the residents which official complains has been made to Axim police but no action has been taking by the police.

The suspect Kwame Ato Asare was accused of raping his wife’s younger sister who’s 13 years old and after the complain was made he hasn’t been arrested till date.

Many residents has suffered brutality from the suspects and his gangs leaving some dead but still no justice has prevail they lamented .

The residents accused one senior police officer in the area one Mr Safo for supporting the accused Kwame Ato Asare because the police has refused to arrest him after several complaint lodge at the police station at Dominase and Axim.

They residents are however calling on Inspector General of Police to arrest him because he a serious criminal.

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