President Akuffo Addo Promised us heaven but he is delivering hell principles… Accountant tears Nana Addo’s apart.

Mr. Opoku Karikari

The Accountant of Kumasi Methodist Diocese Mr. Opoku Karikari has launched attack on Nana Addo’s led government as one of the worse government since the inception of the fourth republic.

According to Mr. Opoku Karikari president Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo prior to 2016 election promised to transform this country within hundred days of his office but close to six years now the problems of the citizens of this country has became worse and the president who promised us heaven is now delivering hell.

Speaking to the Media in an exclusive interview Mr. Opoku Karikari said Ghanaians are seriously suffering as a country looking at the current situation as compared to the previous government, we are leaving in hell and the president keeps on worsen the situation.

Life is not easy as things are tough, our salaries has been stagnant there hasn’t been any increment and prices of fuel has been increase. Everyone is suffering as the vice president made us to known when they were in opposition but they have increased water and electricity tariff it seems they don’t care about us anymore.

Furthermore Mr. Opoku Karikari stated that when Nana Addo was the opposition leader, he lambasted his predecessor of 15 Ghana cedis price of Petrol but today how much are we buying fuel the president is on his way to failure and nothing can’t save him from failing.

Mr. Opoku Karikari said a liter of Petrol under elsewhere Mahama’s regime is equivalent to the price of Petrol per gallon under Nana Addo he is failing I won’t say he has failed since he still have two years to turn things around but the future doesn’t seen bright for ordinary Ghanaian.

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