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United Nations Secretary General António Guterres has commended Kenyans for peaceful elections.

António Guterres

He commended the electoral commission and Kenyan authorities for ensuring that voters were able to exercise freely their right to vote without disturbances.

He has urged politicians and voters to be calm and restrained as they wait for results, the counting has enter day 3.

More than 65% of the country’s 22.1 million voters turned up to vote on Tuesday.

The polls body is yet to provide the final turnout figures but the initial estimates suggest a decline from the 2017 election – when 80% of the registered 19 million voters turned out to vote.

Provisional results show a tight race for the presidency between the two frontrunners – veteran politician Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto.

The electoral body has so far received roughly 99% of the results.

The commission is constrained to make the final announcement until all physical forms tabulating the presidential results are received and ratified at the national tallying center.

The commission has seven days to announce the results.


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